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Whiplash/Neck Injury

Better, Stronger, Fitter

Whiplash is an injury best treated quickly, so don’t delay treatment and get into see your local chiro or physio asap

Whiplash patients have better outcomes with gentle range of motion exercises versus immobilization.

Whiplash is an injury where by the person is stationary and there is an external force that propels the person quickly forward then backwards. Placing tremendous force through the soft tissues and joints of the neck


Often patients will spasm and the body will go into protective mode and lock on the big muscles of the neck which will often times cause torticollis or what is colloquially called a rye neck

Common symptoms of whiplash

Neck and Mid back pain
Tightness stiffness
Lack of motion in the neck and back

Shoulder blade pain
Low energy or fatigue
Arm Weakness
Jaw Pain
Anxiety Depression
Sleep Disturbances


Diagnosis of whiplash

Will often be diagnosed through purely the history and description of the incident by the patients. Often x-rays and MRI’s are needed to rule out things and also help confirm the diagnosis


What is the treatment for whiplash

Whiplash is characterized by a feeling of instability in the neck of patients. So, treatment is focused around slowly and progressively strengthen neck muscles. Hands on treatments like gentle joint mobilisations, trigger point, dry needling, cupping can all help restore the movement and function of the neck joints and muscles. Book here if you’d like some help getting yourself sorted