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Piriformis Syndrome

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Piriformis Syndrome

“A pain in the butt” – literally

What is it?

Muscle spasm in the butt effecting the sciatic nerve

People often describe it as

  • Tenderness or a dull ache in the buttock
  • Tingling or numbness in the buttock and along the back of the leg
  • Difficulty sitting
  • Pain from sitting that grows worse as you continue to sit
  • Pain that gets worse with activity

What is the main cause of piriformis syndrome?

An overworked muscle

The main reasons that it overworks is due to:

  • protection or dysfunction of the adjacent SIJ or hip joints.
  • a weakness of your deep hip stability muscles.
  • overpronating feet.

How to Fix piriformis syndrome?

  • Chiropractic adjustments to the pelvis lower back and feet and hips Joint to improve range of motion
  • Trigger point and other soft tissue techniques to improve blood flow and decrease pain
  • Stretching program for muscle length and flexibility
  • Dry Needling to reduce muscle tightness around the buttock.
  • Deep core stability and hip strengthening exercise to stabilise your hip, pelvis and spine.
  • Foot exercises to help restore foot and lower extremity alignment and strength

What makes it better?

Walking is the best medicine for lower back pain, and probably the most underrated form of exercise for lower back pain and piriformis syndrome

What makes it worse?

Sitting on it can make it worse – Sitting in your car for long car rides for example

What you can do to prevent it coming back?

Stretching, mobilising with a trigger point ball, staying active and keeping your hips and lower back mobile and healthy with regular stretching strengthening and chiropractic appointments (wink wink) #prevention

Piriformis Syndrome recovery time?

It depends. Anywhere from days to weeks depending on accurate diagnosis, quality of the treatment and the correct take home advice.

What to expect from Auckland Health and Performance?

We are dedicated to getting you results with your lower back injury.

We’ll provide you with a management plan to help you understand your condition and your path forward to become pain free!

At Auckland Health and Performance, we believe it is the combination of on table work like adjustments muscle work needling etc, combined with exercise therapy and education on how you can manage it at home will get the best outcome for our patients

If you are suffering with lower back pain or injury in the Botany, Howick, East Tamaki in Auckland and need a treatment plan…. Book now!