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Cupping? How does it work

Better, Stronger, Fitter

Cupping has been used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for thousands of years. Just like dry needling acupuncture and yoga. It’s been round for thousands of years right. So, in my opinion there must be something to it…

Is their concrete scientific evidence that it works …. NOPE

Do I use it …. YES

Have my patients experienced improvement with appropriate application… HELL YES

Does it work for everyone….? YEAH NAH

How does it work?

There is a lack of science behind how it works, so this is really just my educated opinion
Based on the principle that motion is lotion and the body loves to move
When things get stuck and restricted – the brain sends pain signals and inflammation and pain starts

The cups create a vacuum which lifts the tissue (muscle and connective tissue) creating space, a potential change in tissue pressure and may help these layers of muscle and connective tissue space move to breathe, slide a bit better and release tension


Types of cupping

Static cupping applied with suction or heat
Sliding cupping
Cupping with movement therapy

Will it be painful?

The static cupping is not painful at all
Sliding cupping we’ll that’s uncomfortable but super effective for tight leg muscles

Why the dark circles

Changes in blood flow, tissue metabolites pressure and suction will effect superficial blood vessels or capillaries

How long will the circles last?

3-7 DAYS
But the colour of the circles do not reflect effectiveness of treatment
Some will bruise more than others and that is just purely based on the individual, genetics and potentially hydration
Other practitioners will also give you different answers to this

What problems/injuries does cupping help with?

I use cupping generally on shoulders lower backs and legs

Cupping will be used in conjunction with other techniques and tools if it’s appropriate


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