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Strengthening/Exercise Rehabilitation

Better, Stronger, Fitter

You can’t go wrong getting strong

The primary goals are to help you recover faster, prevent re-injury and develop resilience.

Rehabilitation exercise aims to bring back full function following injury through restoring muscle strength, endurance, power, and improving flexibility.

Injuries will improve and heal more successfully if an exercise plan is followed.

The main thing to remember is that prevention is better than cure and a good, well thought out rehabilitation plan will prevent reinjury

How does exercise rehabilitation work?

Rehabilitation exercises should begin as soon as possible after the acute phase which is typically around 72 hours. Exercises should be pain free with a few rare exceptions.

3 stages

  • Early stage rehabilitation: gentle exercise allowing for the damaged tissue to heal.
  • Mid stage rehabilitation: progressive loading to the muscles, tendons, bones or ligaments. This develops tensile strength producing a healed tissue that will be able to withstand the stresses and strains of everyday life and exercise.
  • Late stage rehabilitation: functional exercises and drills to improve your strength, flexibility and stamina, and to stress the new tissues to ensure the body is ready for pain-free daily movement and exercise.