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Eat well/Think Well

Better, Stronger, Fitter

What you eat creates the biochemistry of your body. What you eat creates the building blocks for hormones enzymes and different substrates for all the pathways in the body.

It is important for your overall health and healing

You are what you eat, so don’t be shit

Simply improvements in your nutrition like increasing your water intake for example can have a huge impact on your response to chiropractic treatment

Simple things can help improve your overall health and therefore your response to treatment and a reduction in your physical pain

Breathing, Meditation, Walking, Quality Sleep and Nutrition can all improve your outcomes and overall health. Reducing stress will sooth your nervous system.

For most patients a common question is what exercises should I do to help my injury, but one of the most important things we can address first is to improve the quality of your sleep. A well rested body is one the heals faster is is less stressed

When we are tired our body lacks energy, we wake in the morning after poor quality or insufficeient sleep. We tend to make poorer food and lifestyle choices through out the day.

I’m tired so I’ll

  • Eat more junk food
  • Not go to the gym
  • Eat more food in general
  • Have extra coffees
  • Be more moody
  • Be less productive