Should I train after my chiro appointment?

Short Answer: It depends

Some patients love to train or go to the gym straight after coming in for their appointment, they feel better, they are moving better, and everything is firing. I say go for it

Other patients like to take the day off training let their body interpret the change, rest up and recover

Most of the time I make a recommendation to the patient on the day when asked

It depends on the injury and what’s going on for you. There is no firm rule on this one


Listen to your body and as I always say – Don’t be a meat head, modify your load


If you have a shoulder niggle and go to the gym for a heavy bench – Probs not a good idea #meathead


If we a rehabbing a long term more chronic injury during your appointments you will be given guidelines, warm up, prehab and activation exercises to help assist your recovery and return to function or sport.


You should have a clear plan ahead with exercises that are being slowly progressed as you start to feel better

I am not a big advocate for compete rest… Active recovery is always recommended. The body is a machine and is made for movement. Whether that is walking swimming cycling or some gentle stretching…


Sitting around is generally just going to make things worse and stiffen you up!