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Rotator Cuff Tendonitis

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Rotator cuff tendinopathy is degenerative in nature and is the broader term we use to describe tendon issues. This type of problem generally co-exist with bursitis.

Tendonitis of the shoulder is specifically inflammation and has been used as a catch all phrase for shoulder problems and is usually only present in a smaller number of cases.

Classically patients typically report that their shoulder warms up into exercise and then becomes sore again as they finish or cool down if it is tendonitis

Does your shoulder?

  • Click or pop when you arm is at shoulder height
  • Do you have pain lying on your shoulder or lifting with a straight arm
  • Annoy you when you move you hand behind your back or head?
  • Do you have pain in front of your shoulder? It may also feel like your bicep is sore too

As sports chiropractors we are highly qualified in shoulder assessment and biomechanical correction. If you need a chiro in the botany or howick area give us a call. We love shoulders.

What we believe works to help shoulder pain

At Auckland Health and Performance, we believe it is the combination of on table work like adjustments muscle work needling etc, combined with exercise therapy and education on how you can manage it at home will get the best outcome for our patients.

We’ll provide you with a management plan to help you understand your condition and your path forward to become pain free!