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Hip Bursitis

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What is it?

A bursa is a fluid filled sac located where the tendon of a muscle attaches to the bone. There role is to help prevent friction and allow muscles to glide.

There are four major bursae in the Hip

  1. Trochanteric (Most common)
  2. Gluteus Medius (Lateral Hip)
  3. Iliopsoas (Hip Flexor)
  4. Ischial (Bottom Bones)

How did it happen?

Sometimes they get aggravated by either 1. Direct trauma/impact or 2. Repetitive Friction for a tendon e.g. running

Are you experiencing some of these symptoms?

  • Pain and swelling occurring over the side of the hip
  • Referred pain that travels down the outside thigh and may continue down to the knee
  • Pain when sleeping on your side; especially the affected hip
  • Pain upon getting up from a deep chair or after prolonged sitting
  • Pain when climbing stairs
  • Pain in sitting with the legs crossed
  • Increased pain when walking, cycling or standing for long periods of time

What treatments are available for hip bursitis?

Option 1. Rest, Ice, Anti-inflammatory drugs

Option 2. Correct underlying biomechanical issue to prevent it happening it again

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Option 3. Sometimes both are needed