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What causes Golfers Elbow?

Medial elbow pain. Irritation to the tendons. Usually caused by overuse. Or weakening to the strength of the tendon and then too much load and stress on them. Too much to soon on them.

What does golfers elbow feel like?

Dull or sharp pain on the bump just inside your elbow. Pain may be experienced as you go to lift this or grip them. You may also notice pain when you bend your wrist or turn your hand over.

Can a sports chiro help golfers elbow?

Absolutely. History taking and physical examination of the elbow shoulder and wrist movement as well as assessment of the neck and upper back. As these all work together. Manual therapy to control pain and inflammation of the tendons inserting into the elbow. Golfers elbow often responds well to dry needling. Once the pain and inflammation in the elbow is control. Then a structured rehabilitation protocol to strength the tendon is often required. The focus of treatment is tissue repair

Do I use Ice or heat for Golfers elbow?

Often times heat is recommended  with elbow pain, but recommendations are made case by case

What exercises can I do to help golfers elbow?

There are plenty of at home exercises that can be prescribed to improve the strength of the forearm. Grip strength exercises, isometric exercises, squeezing a stress ball, use of the therabar. At Auckland Health and Performance we love elbow issues. If you are in the Auckland region suffering from elbow pain give us a call. We use a program called Physitrak which helps us get you results as fast as possible. Physitrak is an app used to track the progress of your rehabilitation

How long is the recovery time for golfers elbow?

6 to 12 weeks is a broad guideline. This would give ample time to strength the forearm muscles and tendons and allow for tissue repair

What Is the best treatment for golfers elbow?

A combination of soft tissue therapy as well as improving the bony alignment and movement of the joint. On top of that there must be strengthening of the tendons with resistance to stimulate the reformation and strength of the tendon