Frozen Shoulder | Auckland Health and Performance

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The shoulder joint is covered by a soft tissue capsule which seizes up

The most common cause of frozen shoulder is immobility

Patients describe

  • Pain
  • Extremely restricted movement
  • Sudden onsets
  • Slower onsets
  • Starts sometimes after a trauma, falling on arm, after collision in contact sports
  • Pain after sleeping on shoulder in an awkward position
  • Neck pain

How do we treat frozen shoulder?

Pain management

Slowly restoring the range of motion

Can take anywhere from weeks to months to fully recover

What to expect from Auckland Health and Performance?

We are dedicated to getting you results with your shoulder injury

We’ll provide you with a management plan to help you understand your condition and your path forward to become pain free!

At Auckland Health and Performance, we believe it is the combination of on table work like adjustments muscle work needling etc, combined with exercise therapy and education on how you can manage it at home will get the best outcome for our patients

If you are suffering with a shoulder injury in the Botany, East Tamaki or Auckland and need a treatment plan…. Book now!