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Bulging Disc

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What causes a bulging disc?

Repetitive microtrauma. Usually a wear and tear type situation. Often patients will say, “I just bent down to pick up xyz” or it “came out of nowhere” during their clinical history. It’s usually a cascade of events that led up to the disc and nerves being irritated.

Recent research suggests that disc herniations can reabsorb. And when treated effectively won’t show up on follow up MRI’s. Other research suggests that you can actually have a building disc on your MRI scan but can also have no pain associated with it.

What does a bulging disc feel like?

That depends. Patients experience disc symptoms and pain very differently. A bulging disc will present often with pain in the lower back. Often the pain doesn’t radiate anywhere. The pain from a bulging disc can be side specific. You can have right lower back pain or left lower back pain. That can also radiate to cause pain behind the knee and even into the foot. It can be described often as dull, achy, sharp, shooting, burning, stabbing, tingling type sensations

How long does it take to fix a bulging disc?

That depends! Pain is usually controlled over a two-week period and we get you better in stages. The body takes time to heal and often patients get frustrated with timelines. After the two-week mark pain is definitely up and down. You will have good days and you will have really awful days. A good chiropractor will talk to you about modifying factors in your life to speed up the healing process and these include work station ergonomics, posture, exercise, core stability, sleep habits, the best pillows and mattress to give your spine the support it needs

Can Chiropractors help with bulging discs?

If you have a bulging disc in Auckland book in and let’s find out. As chiropractors we are university trained experts at assessing movement of the spine and body. Once a bulging disc has been diagnosed through a proper History Examination and likely MRI. We will sit down and write a plan to get you better as soon as possible

Is it safe to have your back cracked with a bulging disc?

Yes. A Spinal adjustment is safe to be done with a bulging disc There are often more appropriate treatment choices depending on the severity, pain level and tolerance of the patient. At Auckland Health and Performance, we a trained at a variety of different techniques massage, trigger point therapy, dry needling, cupping and exercise rehabilitation.

How is a bulging disc treated?

Conservatively first. Controlling pain is the most important thing in the initial stages. Once the pain is tolerable and under control as much as possible, the real work begins and we will address the underlying cause of the bulging disc.

Will I need surgery for a bulging disc?

Always conservative management first. Surgery for bulging discs is an absolute last option. But it is an option. We have good relationships with some of Auckland’s leading physiotherapist, acupuncturist and sports doctors so you will be in safe hands during the management of your building disc in Auckland.