Posture: It’s a big deal? Or is it?


Sit up straight
Stop slouching
Shoulders back

Sounds familiar right?

Posture is important, but it always depends….

It depends on your lifestyle choices and environment


Person One: Gets up, goes to work, sits all day, comes home and chills out


Person Two: Gets up, goes for a walk, has a sit stand desk, goes to the gym does some stretches comes home and chills


The more active you are the less concerned you have to be about you posture


How can I improve my posture?

1. Stay active, Stretch daily

2. Good lifestyle habits

3. Good desk set up

4. Drink lots of water – You will be up and down to the loo every couple of hours moving!

5. Pretend you are a puppet – light and tall

6.Think long and tall – don’t overly push your shoulders back or pull your head back. Just think and visualise space in between your vertebra

7. Breath better – Good health starts with good breathing patterns





Should I get a sit stand desk?

Stand up desks are not magically going to fix bad posture
If you stand all day, that’s not ideal either. It will more than likely tighten up your calfs and lower back
What is best is going between sitting and standing and having regular breaks. It’s the moving between set ups that keeps your spine healthy


Should I buy a posture corrector to pull my shoulders back?


Just like the shakti mat, essential oils or inversion tables I don’t knock anything. If you think it will help you or it works for you then. Rock on with it


How does poor posture happen?


Like most things it is generally a combination of things compounding and causing issues

Something that slowly creeps in

• Accidents, injuries and falls
• Poor sleep support, mattress
• Excessive weight
• Visual or emotional difficulties
• Foot problems or improper shoes
• Weak muscles, muscle imbalance
• Careless sitting, standing, sleeping habits
• Negative self image
• Occupational stress
• Poorly designed work space



What can I do to help my posture?



Generally, improve your lifestyle step by step
Walk more, buy a better pillow, Drink more water, Take stretch breaks at work
Consult your local sports chiro 🙂


What does poor posture feel like?

Joint aches and pains
Tight necks
More frequent headaches or migraines
Lower back pain
Low energy or fatigue
Muscle pain

If your posture isn’t optimal. Some muscles will have to work harder than others to keep you upright and stable. Which leads to chronic dysfunctional adaptations


Poor posture doesn’t exclusively cause neck or lower back pain but it does contribute




We’d love to help! Dr Kylie