Its just muscular? My spine is out

Lower Back Pain – It’s just muscular…. My spine is out!

These are some of the common ways people describe their physical aches and pains particularly lower back pain

Often, it’s both. Joints have gotta move and so does the soft tissue

The most common cause of lower back pain is often muscular imbalance from being in sacrificed positions for extended periods of time…

I hope you are at a stand- up desk reading this. These muscular imbalances are encoded into our body via our nervous system aka muscle memory.

On top of this, these muscular imbalances are made worse by repetition, poor lifting techniques, other lifestyle factors which accumulate and then lead to worse things like lumbar sprains/strains  & disc herniation

The human body is a dynamic thing composed of many parts. It is called the musculoskeletal system. Our musculoskeletal system consists of the skeleton its joints, muscles, fascia cartilage tendons ligaments joints and other connective tissue and how all these components move and interact with each other. The human body is a system with many moving parts. Everything is connected from your toes to your nose. To simply think pain is “just muscular or my spine is out” is really out dated and not really the lingo we use these day to describe what is actually going on.

We as your chosen and trusted physical therapist (chiro/physio/soft tissue therapist) must accurately assess, not guess.

It just needs a crack? Lol I hear this one occasionally.

Hey maybe it does, adjustments are one tool chiropractors use to help

mobilise and improve the motion of a joint.

At Auckland Health and Performance, we use a variety of different methods to improve function and movement. Having access to a variety of methods allows us to use the most specific techniques possible to get results quickly…the goal is to be the best chiropractors we can be and to provide the right treatment and the right time.

For us at Auckland Health and Performance being the best chiropractor means always learning and being results driven. We are laser focused on understanding your problem and providing an effective solution as quickly as possible.

We must find the right tool for the right person at the right time

Being the best chiropractors for us means finding solutions fast and taking good care of people and hoping our patients enjoy the process along the way!

But before anything
Here’s what to expect
Initial consult: History taken and Main concerns for visit
Medication/Past Injuries/Stress/Sleep Habits/Hospitalisations/Daily Habits/Work
Physical exam: How you move and Where it hurts From this, we form a clinical picture, form a diagnosis and begin treatment