How many appointments will I need?

Simple Answer: It depends

The goal is to get you out of pain as quickly as possible and get you back doing the things you love

Healing is influenced by


Mental and Emotional Factors
Previous experience
Previous Injury

The 1st appointment is an important one where we assess where the pain is coming from

Decide on a diagnosis

Then from here we will be able to come up with a plan moving forward

Each person is an individual and will respond to treatment very differently.

My personal starting point for most patients is 4-6 appointments.

I think of chiropractic treatment like I do strength training. In blocks

A training block is usually 4-6 weeks long. You lift the weights (stimulate the muscular tissue) and you get strong over this time

You can’t get strong overnight, nor can you fix your broken bits. The body has a natural healing cycle and it has a certain capacity to heal

As sports chiropractors we focus on assessing movement patterns, manual therapy, strength training and working with patients off the table to make them more aware of how they move which can be irritating tissue and causing pain.

 The goal

Better – Which means out of pain as quickly as possible

Stronger – This is the bit that takes the time. Where I remind my patients about the 4-6 week blocks

Fitter – Get you back doing the sport/activity you like to do

Gaining momentum is really important with sports chiropractic and any manual therapy. Each appointment builds upon the last. There is no cookie cutter approach to human beings and their pain