How do I fix knee pain? Patella-Femoral Pain Syndrome

Here’s a simple explanation and some tips to manage knee pain

Patella Femoral Pain is…

• Typically, under or around the knee cap during weight-bearing movements with a flexed knee – running, squatting, step-ups/stairs, jumping, and landing.
• Also called runners knee
• Associated with weakness of the hip

• Associated with altered neuromuscular control… (how your brain controls movement)
• Associated with altered mechanics at the foot, knee, hip, and/or trunk during dynamic activity.

What can you do to help your knee pain?

• Foam roll your quadriceps (thigh muscles)
• Stretch your hips, glutes, hamstrings and calf’s
• Self-massage and trigger point the muscles around the painful area
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• Think about how you move i.e technique in the gym/gradual progress/slowly increasing weights/mind-muscle connection/slow and controlled movements always

What do we do to fix knee pain?

• Manage pain fast
• Assess whole body movement and function
• Assess how are all the parts moving together
• What is weak/tight/lacking control/stability?
• Provide passive treatment – Adjusting/mobilising/Needling/Cupping/Soft Tissue Work
• Provide active treatment – Strengthening it all up with a focussed specific rehab plan
• Ensure the patients do their homework – really important lol