Headaches and Neck pain: Homecare advice

What could be the cause of my headache and neck pain?


Causes not related to under-lying disease/illness

Lack of sleep
Poor hydration
Poor quality nutrition
Micronutrient deficiency
Lack of exercise
Incorrect prescription on your glasses making you squint
Loud noise exposure
Tight caps/headwear or hair-ties


What can I do at home to help my headache?


Take care of your physical wellbeing. Self-care goes along way with headaches. Sometimes life just gets a bit busy and we forget the basics


What foods can I eat that might help relieve my headaches?


Water based food aka Fruit and Vegetables

Green things are sources of chlorophyll which are high in magnesium known to help headaches

Often magnesium, riboflavin (Vitamin B2) and co enzyme Q 10 are recommended to patients with frequent headaches amongst other things

First start with the basics and get 2L of water in a day
5+ a day if not 10 servings of fruit and vegetables – more vege than fruit
A wide variety of balanced real food avoiding processed junk is always solid advice
Something you could be eating could also not agree with you. Food allergies could also be causing headaches


What stretches are good for neck pain if my headaches are coming from my neck?


Recent research proved that 150mins of walking a week reduced neck pain significantly. When all else fails just walk. Get outside in the sunshine and breathe some fresh air. Just move.

Moving will get you heart and blood pumping, getting oxygen and blood to those tight muscles in your neck that might just help relieve neck pain and headaches.

While you are at it. Nice big diaphragmatic breathing. Poor breathing mechanics or mouth breathing will overwork anterior neck and throat muscles. Big belly breaths and relax your shoulders as you walk. This will defiantly help relieve neck pain and headaches quickly
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What could be the cause of daily or frequent headaches?


Poor lifestyle choices and sleep. Get on top of the basics of life. Good quality nutrition hydration exercise sleep and improve breathing mechanics. Maybe even try some daily meditation and relaxation to help manage stress
If the headaches are getting worse here is a quick guideline:
Rule of thumb
1) Its been bothering you for more than 6 weeks
2) It’s severe not improving or getting worse
3) There are red flags present

Red Flags for Headaches
means the scary stuff, dramatic weight loss, mystery fever chills or skin rashes, pain bending head forward, sever thunderclap headache, severe throbbing pain in arteries, awkward gait or stumbling around, weakness, poor coordination of body, vague, nausea, vomiting. Speak to your GP immediately if you experience these symptoms

When should I worry about headaches and neck pain?


When it is like the worst headache ever, worse than a migraine. Very sudden onset and you are experiencing any of the signs of stroke including a dropped face on one side; droopy mouth or eye; cannot lift one or both arms; or have slurred or garbled speech
When the headache feels like something new you have never experienced before

A dehydration headache or tension headache will feel more dull and have a gradual increase with its pain and not have such a dramatic onset

Don’t wait to get headaches sorted speak to your health care professional asap #me