Best Pillow for Neck Pain

Top Tips on choosing the right pillow for you

Finding the best pillow for you is an important part of your wellbeing and recovery

The best pillow for you will be the one that places your neck in a neutral, stress-free position, so that you can have the best replenishing sleep

The best pillow for you is the one that will provide your neck and body with comfort and ease to recover while sleeping

Do you?

1. Continuously adjust your pillows at night?
2. Move your pillow around to provide more support or comfort?
3. Use your hand or arm under your pillow to bolster it up to provide more support?

These are some signs we need to look at getting you a more suitable pillow for your sleeping habits


Your pillow needs to be

Comfortable for you – pillows are not one size fits all
Suitable for your preferred sleeping position
Suitable for your head neck shoulder shape and size


Ideal sleeping positions

Back Sleepers – Regarded as the best sleeping position


Back sleepers require a thinner pillow, supporting the natural curve of the spine. If a pillow is to high and you are a back sleeper, this will put your head in a slightly flexed position and may create tension in the front neck muscles and may even make you snore louder



Side Sleepers

Side sleepers require a slightly thicker pillow to support the distance between the side lying shoulder and head. If a pillow is to low or high in the side sleeping position, it will but undue tension either side of the neck while you sleep



Stomach Sleepers – Regarded as the worst sleeping position

The sustained rotation in your neck over a long period of time is likely to compress one side of your neck and stretch another. Kind of like you are looking over your shoulder for 6-8 hours. Sounds uncomfortable to me

But if stomach sleeping hasn’t caused you any problems to date, my vote is not to change a good thing. Seek the advice of your health care professional.



Other things to note

Pillows generally have a life span of about 5 years.

So, I would recommend replacing it at the 5-year mark. Probably not a bad recommendation for hygiene purposes and to help reduce allergies. Pillows often loose their bounce, the density of the middle layers wear out.

Latex is generally the best material

Pillows from Kmart? I love kmart for lots of different things. There are some areas in life where you can skimp. But don’t skimp on a pillow. Spend the money. Your recovery is important and your neck with thank you for it

If you’re noticing the pillow come up beside your ears while you are on your back. The pillow has worn out or the density of the pillow is not thick enough to counter the weight of your head. Therefore, not the best choice of pillow to help your neck pain and alignment

A pillow that adapts to your sleeping position is ideal. Because most people move between back and side sleeping. A gently contoured pillow is often the best to help neck pain

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