ACL Rehabilitation

Goal: A quiet knee  – Minimal pain and swelling

There are six phases to ACL rehabilitation

The six phases are:

Pre-op Phase: Injury recovery & readiness for surgery

Phase 1: Recovery from surgery

Phase 2: Strength & neuromuscular control

Phase 3: Running, agility, and landings

Phase 4: Return to sport

Phase 5: Prevention of re-injury

What causes ACL Injury

  • Typical: Valgus stress (landing, cutting, contact from lateral side)
    • Non-contact ACL injuries occur within 30–100 m/sec from initial contact of the foot onto the ground
  • Atypical: Hyperextension

What will ACL injury feel like?

  • “Pop” or “crack”
  • Sharp sudden onset of pain
  • Swelling within 2hrs
  • Feelings of instability and giving way
  • Unable to play on

How long does ACL rehabilitation take?

  • Biological and physiological healing can take up to 18 months to 2 years to achieve baseline knee health:
    • Full maturation of the ACL graft
    • Resolution of bone bruises
    • Restoration of knee joint position sense (proprioception/balance)
    • Restoration of neuromuscular control
    • Restoration of knee strength

Why see a chiro for knee pain?

Generally speaking, as a chiropractor we see poorly managed knee pain cases. Chronic knee pain and humans that haven’t stuck to their rehabilitation protocols.

At Auckland Health and Performance, we treat the whole human and love problem knees. We are the local botany and Howick chiro. If you need of a second opinion or a refocussed knee rehabilitation program get in touch today. We’d love to get you back better, stronger and fitter.